Nigel Bailey is a musician from Bradford, West Yorkshire in the UK. From a very early age Nigel had a love of music , probably due to the fact that both his parents were also musical, his Mum, Ann, had a hit record in the 1960’s with the band Three Good Reasons. His father was a guitarist and vocalist who played in various bands. A musical family, his younger Brother Andy is a keyboard player and vocalist who has also fronted various bands.
Nigel was hooked from the first time he picked up a guitar at the age of 12. By 14 he was fronting a rock covers band that had been formed at school. He played the local pub and club scene with various bands and his range, power and emotive vocals kept him in high demand in the scene.
For many years Nigel played the local gig scene but tirelessly worked in the background penning his own songs. After receiving a trial copy of some PC recording software, he set about mastering the art of home recording in his conservatory and dining room! With his collection of guitars and his unmistakable voice he had started to track the songs that would ultimately become Long Way Down.
When one of Nigels demo tracks was aired on the Steve Price Rock Show on ARFM this encouraged Nigel to upload a couple of songs to YouTube. This led to the songs being found by Paul Nichols who subsequently played them on his Live And Loud show, they were also featured on a US Hard Rock show.In December 2011 Nigel sent the demos to Serafino Perugino, President of Frontiers Records, who loved what he heard and a deal was struck for Nigel to record Long Way Down. Nigel was paired with producer extraordinaire Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Fergie Frederiksen, LRS etc) and production started with top studio musicians Mario Percudani ( Hungryheart, Lionville) on guitar and Alessandro Mori, (who has toured with Glenn Hughes, Bernie Marsden, Issa Oversveen) on drums.Nigel recorded the guitars and bass at Coil Tap Studio’s in the UK before travelling to Ivory Tears Studio in Milan to record the vocals for the album. After 4 days the vocals were complete and Long Way Down was in the can.
In October 2012 Nigel was introduced to Vinny Burns (Dare, Ten, Ultravox, Asia) by Serafino with the intention of writing together, however, as soon as they started composing they both realised that the music they were creating needed a full blown band. Greg Morgan (Dare, Ten) was recruited on drums and the guys all met for the first time at Firefest in Nottingham. Three Lions was born!
 Writing continued and the instruments were again recorded in the UK. Greg laid down the drum tracks at Radeon Studios in Manchester, Vinny recorded his guitar parts at his studio in Leicestershire, The Viper Room whilst Nigel again recorded at Coil Tap. The first choice for production duties was Alessandro and Nigel again headed to Italy to record the vocals. Vinny and Greg joined him a few days later and the guys shot the video clip for the first single “Trouble In A Red Dress” on location in Milan.
Nigel continues to write songs for various artists whilst working on new Three Lions and Bailey songs and is looking forward to more live performances with Three Lions and Bailey and also the launch of his solo album Long Way Down in December 2014 on Frontiers Records
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